One-to-many, One-to-one, Many-to-Many Relationship connectors

the type of connectors is not enough for creating an Entity Relationship Diagram. The One-to-One , One-to-Many and Many-to-Many connector heads should be added too.


Hi @Milad2, Thank you for sharing your thoughts for start and end point style of connectors. I really appreciate this idea!
We use votes to measure the level of interest from the community and prioritize accordingly. I think your idea would also be beneficial for other community members!

We are excited to see the response from other members in the community. Please feel free to vote for this idea!

Thank you,

Love this idea! I came here for this exact reason. I’d love to see options for a “many” connector on the standard arrow tool in FigJam. (see attached image)

The single connector sort of already exists. By not customizing the endpoint of the connector or by using the “Dot” connector, you can assume the relationship is 1:1.