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One designer at a large company

I’ve used Figma for years, so when I took a new job, I’ve been trying to arrange for the purchase of a single-seat license so I can use Figma at work.

The person in charge of Software Asset Management told me:
“Unfortunately, in order to purchase a license for FIGMA Design software, we would have to buy a minimum of 25 licenses. I have had this request previously and it was decided not to purchase.”

I asked if the 25-seat requirement was because of our non-profit status, or the size of the company, and was told that the 25-seat would be required.

This is what’s required for a single-user? Everything I’ve read says otherwise.

I don’t know how good that info is from your SAM person. They might be confusing an organization license (which does require multiple seats) with the professional license (where you can buy one seat).

Worst case: Go rogue, buy a Pro license for yourself and expense it for $15/month.

Now, if the org license is required because your SAM person has to abide by some IT policies that can’t be worked around (e.g. SSO or shared fonts which are features only on the org plan) then I could see that. Best of luck!


In response, this is what ‘SAM’ said.
I haven’t heard of “resellers” for Figma.
Could it be that she cannot buy directly from Figma?

I thought this would be easy. :smiley:

Through our reseller’s ( I checked with 2 of them) they can only do 25 seats. If you would be able to get a quote for just one Professional license – I will surely get it purchased for you.

Hmm, I’ve never heard of companies officially authorized to resell Figma either, but I am not familiar with how the company currently structures their sales. I’ll take 'SAM’s word for it though: Perhaps the reseller(s) have some volume discount deal that requires the minimum quantity of 25.

Best of luck!

I’m thinking I’d like to be an authorized Figma reseller! I’d even throw in some free Figma team training as a value add. If anyone from Figma is reading this, let me know how I can apply. Alternatively, just a verbal green light to make my own “Authorized Figma Dealer” stickers for my laptop. =)

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I thought the same thing (about being a reseller) but I bet it’s not as profitable as like- Oracle/MS.

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