"On click outside" trigger option

I think it could be great to have the possibility to change the variant of a component by just clicking outside of it.
It could be used to simulate the behavior of editing softwares when the user wants to deselect a selected items by just clicking somewhere else.

Maybe there’s an existing solution for this that I missed ?


Yeah I’d like this too. For example, on a text field component, transitioning from an unfocused state to a focused state works as expected. But if I want to transition back, IRL this done by either selecting a different field, or by clicking outside the field. Current Interactive Components doesn’t account for this.

I really like that too :smiley:

Yes! +1

This would be very useful!

Is there anything like this? However I found a good alternative option is “Mouse leave” instead of “Click”

Big +1 from me. I’m running into an issue with a prototype I’m building now and “tap outside” would help.

It would also be nice if we could be more explicit, with “tap other instance”, where a user tapping a different instance of the same component would trigger something, because it’s not so much that someone tapped anything else that I care about, but that somebody specifically tapped another of the same component.

Yes please! Prototyping complex software would be so much easier. And I am not forced to switch the Software for implementing things like “when clicking this, change other component variant to that”.

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This in combination with variants can allow us to make an accordion that automatically collapses all other list items except for the one clicked on - having to make the same number of copies as the number of list items is just very time-consuming

+1 to this