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"On click" & "Change to" not showing in interactions

Im creating an Accordion in my app protoype. However, I cant seem to add the “On click” interaction to my accordion to show the change happening to the accordion so it can expand and collapse. Any tips on how to go about and do this. I was following a youtube video while making the accordion, I only see the “On tap” interaction and others on my screen. I have attached a screenshot as well.

If more info is needed to better understand my question please reach out.


  1. Tap = click on mobile devices (you chose a mobile device frame in the prototype settings).
  2. To have the “Change to” interaction, you have to first sign up for the beta and wait until you are accepted, then enable interactive components beta in the prototype settings.

Yea I thought that may have been the issue, I signed up for the beta, just waiting on the confirmation email now. Cheers!

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