Ok to post my Figma file link here?

Is this an active community that people respond to?

Also, is it okay to share my Figma file link here to get help with my challenge?

Welcome @Mox

This is an active community! You could have check that by yourself taking a look at the “Acitvity” tab (the last one) on the main page. It shows when someone last respond to a post.

You can indeed share your file here as long as it respect some conditions ( you can read about it here : READ ME: How to use the Ask the community category? ). As a piece of advice do not give edition ability through your link as some people could messed up with your work, and it may increase the price of your Figma package

Have a blast,

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Hi Haroll

Thank you so much for your response brother!

I’m going to leave the “editing on” with a copy backed up because I want to be able to show the code and learn from the mistakes I’ve made.

I looked at the file without the editing on and it doesn’t show my madness.

I will post a new posting in 10 minutes but If you want to take a crack at it.

First person to solve this and explain to me what I did wrong and what I need to do to NEVER AGAIN see sh*t coming out the side of a frame ever again will get sent $20.


Link to file:


I post some comments on your file. Let me know if it helped.

This is a free community. It’s great that you want to learn how to be better at Figma, and reward people for it. But this is not the place. There is many website with payed course or teacher on internet if you want to.

Also next time try to make a new post to explain your problem rather than using an old one. Keeping one question per post maximize your change of being helped as the title make it clear for the community if they may be able to help or not:

• 1st post : Ok to post my Figma file?
• New post : Struggling with Auto-layout Resizing

Have a blast


You’re a life safer Haroll, thank you!

Let’s continue!