Offline Prototypes

What is the best way to take a prototype designed in Figma for an ipad and make it accessible in an offline format? My design is a little complicated (but not very) with overlays and scrolling functionality. From what I’ve researched so far, the solutions aren’t great because they either don’t work with my designs or require significant work to redesign and map. The solutions I’ve looked at so far are:

  • Protopie (best so far but requires me to redesign elements of the design and remap certain areas)
  • Demo Station (doesn’t work for my design but see value in it for less complicated designs if you present on a desktop)
  • (awful importing of screens from Figma and poor interface)

I know these aren’t all the options - are there more? I took a look at InVision and the functionality that they have likely won’t work for me either.

I know this topic has been brought up many times in the past but it’s crazy that Figma hasn’t created this functionality yet.

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