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Numbered list in Auto-Layout (for multiple text layers)

  1. Having a numbered list in a single text box is not sufficient when working with complex components in a auto-layout. It does not sufficiently allow styling the list numbers.

  2. The “rows” in our auto layout are component that should get numbered. One of the components in the row is a text field with a numbered list. Having a way to let the next row in the Auto Layout continue the numbering would be great!

Found a related topic here around Repeater Repeater 🔥 (Auto-Layout evolution) and on how Adobe XD does allow this in a Repeat Grid: Exploring Repeat Grid In Adobe XD

Hi, I am trying to add multiple numbered lists.

  1. I type in 1 and DOT, it becomes Numbered List, which is good.
  2. I type in 2 and DOT in the next text container, but nothing happens.
  3. Now, I have a crooked List. When I try to disable Numbered List on the first one, it removes the Number. Leaving only the text.

Could this be solved?