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Number line slider animation

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to replicate an animation like the gif attached below in figma?


bakery app

It depends. Are you wanting this to be a full user interaction (so someone could scroll through it freely) or just a thing where they swipe and that triggers a fixed animation (e.g. from 218 to 214)?

For a fully free interaction, you could do everything in that GIF except the radial compression/expansion of the numbers at the ends.


I’d prefer the full interaction but i don’t mind the fixed animation either. Do you have a solution for one or both?


I don’t have any perfect solutions, as the compression on the edges is not something easily animated (it would take a lot of work). Here are two solutions. The top is a simple free scroll, but that has the disadvantage of not lining up cleanly to the numbers. Below is more of a fixed animation, which can be done in multiple ways depending on the need.

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