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Notifications endpoint


we’re building a tool to collect all your work notifications in a single place and we want to integrate with Figma.

The way the API works it’s somewhat hard to get all notifications that a user has although I can see that the web app calls out to an endpoint for that, so I assume it’s private.

Is there any way to get access to this?

I can share more info on the project, who’s behind it etc. if necessary just don’t want to spam unsolicited links :slight_smile:

Most of the notifications in Figma are about comments, and you can get those in Professional teams with Webhooks. They also give you other triggers that regular notifications don’t have. The only notifications you would miss are when someone makes you the editor of the file or when comments happen outside of the team.

Hey Gleb,

Thanks for the response.

I looked at webhooks before but as far as I understand those webhooks only work for people with a team_id because I need to pass that in when creating the hook.

Is that correct?

Looking at the notifications endpoint that the app users I’m getting comments for uncategorized files for example and it would help tremendously to also have comments of files that are uncategorized and/or not part of a team.

I can do this by collecting the file key but the user would have to do that manually as there is also no public endpoint for that and that’s what we’d like to avoid if possible.