Notes (not comments) on elements

As part of the design process, author/editor commentary traditionally sits in margins of wireframes or designs; with lines, or [numbered, geo-marker-type] bubbles, to ‘point’ to the subject (an element for example) of the comment.

This serves as editorial commentary to elucidate intention/function, and to contextualize the design.

It’d help to have this or similar functionality – if it doesnt already exist?
I found a previous topic that mentioned/requested this functionality, in the context of ‘speaker notes’ for presentations–as offered by MS Powerpoint


  • as simple as a hover behavior to reveal commentary, or left/right click for ‘info’
  • can also aggregate these per page, or per project, as a type of nifty and very simple project management tie-in (api to integrate with roam research, <insert modern note-taking tool>, for dynamic updates that transcend email notifications)
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