Not seeing the layer options menu

When I ctrl + click on my mac trackpad, I used to see a lengthy layer options menu, but all of a sudden I’m only seeing a menu with frame/group/layer associated with the selected layer (attached image to show the difference). Am I missing some way to go back to the original menu? I’m using firefox on a macbook if that helps.

The “select layer” context menu is opened with right click + ctrl while the regular context menu is just right click, without ctrl. So previously ctrl + click was producing a right click for you. Now it seems like it produces ctrl + right click for you, which is the quick call for “select layer” menu. I’m not sure if something in Figma changed to cause this or maybe you changed some preferences.

When I right click a group, I see a new menu that shows the shapes within that group rather than the previous menu that included actions, like “Create component”. The Figma documentation still refers to the old action filled right-click menu so I’m not sure why I’m not seeing it. Can anyone assist?

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