Non-proportional scale

Hello to all,

I’ve been trying to do a very simple action for several days and Figma won’t let me, I’m desperate.

I have created screens with a size of 320x568, associated to the frame of the Iphone SE.

My intention is to scale these screens without having to go element by element to a size, for example, of the Iphone 13 (390x844).

The scaling tool allows me to scale proportionally up to 390px, without breaking the elements and resizing them correctly.

My problem is that, being locked in proportional, the width stays at 692.25px…

Neither plugins, nor autolayout, nor constraints solved the problem. I don’t believe that a screen scaling between devices can give so many problems.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me,

Best wishes

Why not just change the height manually to whatever you need?

Because I want that when scaling the height, the elements are also scaled and don’t break, as it happened to me when scaling the width. I don’t know if I make myself clear.

Thanks for your help

You need to properly configure the constraints to prevent this from happening. Or hold Cmd/Ctrl and resize the frame border.

This does not solve my problem. The scaling is done proportionally and it doesn’t let you set both values at the same time with the Iphone 13 configuration.

Regarding the constraints, it is not an automatic change, I would have to go element by element changing its behaviour.

I understand that figma does not allow to change the size of the frame even if it is between devices of the same type, keeping the aspect of the elements inside it…

Thanks for your help and answer :smiley:

Choose Move tool (not Scale) and resize the height while holding Cmd/Ctrl like tank666 said to ignore constraints, the elements won’t move incorrectly like on your screenshot. But yeah it would be better if you learn how to use constraints: resizing with Scale tool is not a great practice for adaptive design. Figma doesn’t know how exactly you want your elements to be scaled if you don’t set constraints.

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