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No UI components?

Im new to figma, and can see it has boxes, text and you can drop in images.

However, i was expecting some sort of UI components so that UI’s can be mocked up. E.g. drop down menus, buttons, windows etc.

Do these exist, or is figma just for basic shapes and text?

I see there is a library menu item, but its empty. Is this like stencils in visio? If so where are they?

I have been through several tutorials, but there is no mention of this.

Check out Figma Community Beta: it’s a place where you can find all sorts of UI kits published by other designers and use them in your work by clicking Duplicate on the kit you need:

Thanks Gleb. I found a desktop UI template which was ok. However, using the components is surprisingly clunky. I have to find the component in the duplicated pages, copy it, then go back to my pages, then paste the item in, then go back to the duplicated pages, very time consuming. I was expecting some sort of simple library where, from my own project/page I could simply drop in a component from a list, just like stencils in visio. I assume figma is more for graphic designers than BA’s needing to mockup up basic UIs, or am I missing something?

You are right, Figma is mostly made for designing from zero, so there are no default pre-built components that you are looking for.