No support tickets and no replies

I have sent several support requests to Figma on their forms but have received no response or acknowledgement of my questions. Has anyone else encountered this? I have been charged for monthly FigJam seats when I pay annually and haven’t added any extra members. There is nowhere to find out what is going on.

Hi there! Sorry to hear this is happening.
I saw in our back end that our support team replied to you today. For your reference, your ticket number is: 927206. Please check your inbox. Thank you!

Hi Celine
Thanks. I haven’t had an email from the support team yet. It’s now Friday in the UK. I just got another notification of Figma taking another $6 from me for a subscription to FigJam that I don’t need as I already have paid for an annual seat. There is no way I can cancel that seat in the settings. Can you explain why this is happening?

Hey @Karen_Beal ,
I understand your frustration! Can you please confirm your email address you have used to reach out to the team? The support team replied you yesterday. (I will remove it after you share it here to protect your privacy).
We’ve replied to your request with this email address you’ve used on your end: karen@wxxxxxxxp

To reply your question, from what I see on my end on your ticket: “As for pricing, FigJam is discounted when paid annually, so the £3 price you see is for the annual subscription, which breaks out to be £3 each month, as opposed to the monthly fee.” Hope this helps.

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Hi Celine, that is the wrong email, my account was originally using that email but I am now freelance and transferred my account to a new email which is in the system and I use it to log in. This is my email:


Thanks for getting back to me, restores my faith!

Hi Celine
I still haven’t received an email or response from Support. I have several issues I need to ask them about including the FigJam monthly seat which I should not be paying for. Guess this will drag on into next week or next month even, as another payment has gone out of my account for the monthly seat today. I appreciate you must have a lot of support tickets with far more urgent technical problems to sort out but this is very frustrating. I also don;t understand why emails were sent to my old company address rather than the email I have been using since last June.

Thank for your details and your patience. I’ve escalated internally the issue, and the support team has just replied to you with the address mail you’ve shared here. Please check your inbox, and sorry again for the frustration!

Thanks, Celine, and sorry to have kept bugging you. I have had a reply now and am in conversation with support.

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No worries Karen, happy to help! Glad to hear you are in touch now with the support team :slight_smile: