No prior warning before 100% of Memory used. Version history entries would not load

I think I accidentally broke Figma.

  • While making a very basic component, bam! Out of memory. No warnings until that point.
  • Was not able to restore any versions within desktop app (windows)
  • Tried in web browser - looks like it rolled back to a 11am version (happened around 5pm).
  • Good news is the overall flows are still there
  • Bad news is I lost the components I was working on.
  • Duplicated file as a backup

I saved the figma debug info and screenshot in case it’s useful.

I just wanted to add this happened to us today too. Zero warning before we hit 100% out of memory. It took us by surprise too. We wondered if in our case it was due to multiplayer in the same file and/or a mix between multiplayer people in browser and in the desktop app.

In any case, we were able to recover to a previous version and didn’t lose much, but we asked everyone to leave the file before trying to recover.

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