No link to all related tokens

Hi, I have a question is it possible to see all related tokens in dev mode? Example: we have defined company brand colors, then app colors (that use only some of brand colors), then created semantic colors (they use part of app colors) — all of them are connected and defined like variables in different files. Unfortunately in dev mode we don’t see the relations between tokens (we see only the last level token) so developers should manually find the relations — that is really annoying as we have big color palette. Is there a way to see in the code those token relations? Exporting tokens to json unfortunately is not helpful for the iOS and Android developers.

I tried to explain everything in the attached picture :

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. As I checked with our internal team, it seems it’s not possible at this moment. It would be a potential feature request, so if you’d like to gauge the reaction of other members in the community, you can post as share an idea for future enhancements.

Thanks for your understanding.

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