Newbie need help - Opinions

Hello Friends, I’m a newbie trying to make an impressive portfolio.
I’m unable to be satisfied with I am doing.
I’m not happy with the colours, the all system, the letters type…
And for turn it all even hard, without intention I turned out an whole wireframe into a “group” and I can’t ungroup it, there is no option :?(
I’m really sad.
Can you give me your opinions?
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Hi, Claudia.

I’ve looked through your file and saw an amazing job for someone starting in app design.
I’ve thought of analyzing your design thoroughly but that will take a lot of time. So, I might as well just give you some advice in general.

  1. Consider using components for repeatable elements (buttons, inputs, cards, etc.)
    Using components will make your designing easier. You won’t have to manually adjust each elements on the frame when you have components. Check this link for the components:

  2. When stacking the same elements, use Auto-layout
    You might as well consider the use of auto-layout on some of your layouts like the cards.
    Check this link about auto-layout:

  3. Emphasize the states of your interactive elements
    I’ve seen some of your buttons using neumorphic design, and for me, I hardly notice the change in the design. Maybe you can start with the 3 most basic states—Default, Hover, and Selected, and make sure users will notice the states as soon as they interact with it. Here is a link about interactive components:

If you have any specific question, whether its about design, development, or Figma app, just let me know, or ask the community.

And, welcome to the design world :grin:

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Thank you a lot :))))))) for your time and inputs.
Can you please tell me how I ungroup an all wireframe !? It happened in the profile with the big profile with the girl picture :x
Can you give me any advices related to colours and letters ? :slight_smile:
Thank youuuuuuu

Right-click the item you want to ungroup in the left nav and select ‘Ungroup’.

Not sure exactly what you mean by ‘an all wireframe’…

But you might be asking how to change a “Component” back to it’s individual parts. This can be a little counterintuitive the first time but here’s my explanation.

Once you’ve turned 1 or multiple items into a component, unless you ‘undo’ that action right away you’ll need to go through a different process to take it back to it’s individual parts.

The steps will be as follows:

  • Copy the component
  • Paste it next to the original component (notice the icon is different. This is an ‘instance’ of the component.
  • Detach the instance (this turns everything back into a frame, which is essentially a special type of group)
  • Then right-click the frame and select ‘ungroup’

You can delete the component if you don’t need it. But I strongly recommend you watch some tutorials on components.

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As you can see, the whole wireframe (the second one) is all purple, like its a group., I selext everything and the option “ungroup” doesnt appear :frowning:

Ohhhh Thank you Paul :slight_smile: I think I need to review some things abour components :slight_smile: I already know the bascis, but sometimes this tricky questions happen to me :x

Ohh, sorry. I thought you mean literally grouped and I was looking through the layers and can’t find the grouped wireframe. :sweat_smile:

Yes Claudia. I think you’re on the right track now. The one on the right, with purple around it, is a component. At some point you made it a component but may not have understood all the implications of doing that which is totally fine. We all have to learn sometime. :slight_smile:

It might help to think of components as ‘templates’ or ‘building blocks’. Sometimes, when your designing a new screen/page, you might not be thinking about needing to turn something on that screen into a building block. But the moment you do turn something into a component, it’s now a building block.

At that point, it’s usually best to move that component to the side of your design and make a copy of it and paste it back into your design. When you do this, that thing you paste is called an ‘instance’ of the component. Think of an instance as a clone of the original component. Any change you make to the original component will now happen to any/all instances of that component whereever they are used in your design which is VERY powerful…

This is a big part of the reason you can’t ungroup or change a component back into what it was before becoming a component. Any instances of that component are linked to it permanently.

Good luck. Hope this helps a little more.


Hi Paul :slight_smile: Thank you for your patience and kindness in teach me what I imagine looks pretty basic :stuck_out_tongue:
The concept of components seems easy for me to understand, I’m still unsure about things like… I create a button. But I can’t have that button in the same size in all wireframes. For what I understood I need to work with auto-layout.
Seems a lot :frowning:
Thank you, thank you :slight_smile: