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New Variant Property?

Hi All

So I am running into a problem with Variants. I can start a Variants just fine and define different states, but when I start a second Property in the same Variant, Figma gives me a default name, I cannot seem to assign a button to that default name, am I doing something wrong?

Hey @Wayne3, not 100% sure what you mean by:

Are you referring to changing the Property name? If so you should be able to adjust this in the layers panel. Here’s our help article that explains this:

Thanks for the link.

I don’t know, I like the idea behind component variants, but I just think the concept is to difficult to use, especially when you need to make a prototype fast and quick for a deadline, on top of that, there are still no solution for building out component prototypes, which Adobe XD has had for the past 2 years now?

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