New updates suck

Figma, what the hell are you doing with these new updates? :slight_smile:

  1. I can’t search file by phrase that it consists inside anymore. Why?
  2. Why can’t I go back and switch to the previous “skin” with a normal big search field?
  3. Why clicking the project name at the top bar I don’t see the submenu to change the folder, as it was in the very beginning. Was so handy… Now some nonsense happens - it opens me home screen…
  4. Why when I choose fonts, I can’t paste the font-family name as I did before this update? Why should I ducking type it by hand? Is it the 20th century?
  5. Shining to ask - what happens with the pointer, when you share the file? It has disappeared. Is it the best practice today not to show the pointer on hover?
    And the last one. Why don’t you ask users if they like/need upcoming features? I’m sure that simple voting feedback or demo features would make us love you even more. But I catch myself on thought I begin to hate you. Bravo. Who is that smart guy making you look like s…t after a few years of extreme success? Maybe a spy from Adobe? :slight_smile: I have shifted my whole company on your rails, and now we are going to switch to Framer. Thank you, Figma, for 6 years of cool cooperation!

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