New to Figma. How do I create multiple buttons?

I have a page layout with a 3x3 tile layout (9 tiles total). I’m trying to make it so that when a user taps on a square it changes the icon on top of the squares but still allows users to flip icons on the same page. (I’m trying to make a bingo board for a school project- where 3 in a row is a win)

If I’m understanding your use case, you want to people to “build” their own bingo cards, and then be able to play with them? If so, you can do it with interactive components. The card has two hotspots (that I’m careful not to overlap) – the big one to mark the card, the smaller triangle in the upper right to switch the type of tile.

Here’s a link to a file you can duplicate to your drafts. Hope this helps! Figma

Yes, how would I be able to prototype something like this? The way I have it right now every time I click on a tile I’m unable to click on any of the other tiles. I’m not too sure what I’m doing wrong.