New Slack integration isn't working

We have been forced to remove the Figma<->Slack integration now - it was just becoming spam.

Absolutely need to connect Figma projects to Slack channels for it to be usable.

Oh, please :pray:

Hi @Chris_Chiu
Does your team still have plans to return this option? :slight_smile: It was really useful.

+1 @Chris_Chiu @anon21722796 ! People in my team are asking me to move some sketches to invision only because this lacks in the new version :cry: I can’t understand why this was disabled?

+207 speaking on behalf of all of our team members - not having the ability to post to channels is causing a communication gap in our process.

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Chiming in here - I’m a Figma Product Manager working on this feature, and I wanted to get more information. We do have plans for bringing back our channel integration for project-based notifications. As we’re thinking through this, it would be really helpful to understand your use cases: what types of projects and channels do you use this for?

Apologies for the inconvenience and hoping we can get this back and working for you soon!


They way that we had it setup before on the professional account…

  • Each of our development squads have their dedicated slack squad channel (#team_xyz)
  • Each of our Figma projects (Project abc) would send notifications to the squad channel

Any comment on any file in project abc would post to #team_xyz

Ideally we would want to have a many to one relationship (n projects → 1 slack channel)

We are looking into upgrading to the org plan. I’m guessing we would then have 1 workspace for each squad? So then any comment in any file in any project in that workspace could post to the team slack channel. I’m not sure the best approach on the org level though. Feel free to DM me and THANK YOU for your post!

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Even if i complete the settings on the pigma and slack sites, i will not receive a notification of Figma comments on Slack.

I am also missing the slack channel integration for projects. Similar setup. It helps to keep exec/product/engineers in sync with design updates and discussions if they are not in Figma every day.

Hi everyone,

I’m a Product Manager at Figma, and I have some good news to share! You can now get notifications about specific Figma files, teams, and projects in the Slack channel of your choice. These updates can be sent hourly, or daily, or in real-time. Learn More

To get started…
Reinstall the app.
Note: If you’re unable to do this, please reach out to your Slack workspace owner to re-authorize the Figma app.
• Type /invite in the channel you want to use, and add the Figma app.
• Type /figma subscribe to set up notifications.

I also wanted to thank you for your feedback on this. It really does help us build better products for our customers. Give it a try, and let me know if you have additional suggestions or feedback.

Thank you,

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Hi @agomes,

I’m getting as far as the last step … Type /figma subscribe to set up notifications. Slack is telling me that it’s not a valid command. Can you please help? Thanks!

@Michelle_Callahan this might be because your Slack workspace owner needs to first reauthorize the new Figma slack app. The new permissions are used to enable slash commands and to determine if the Figma Slack app has been added to a channel or group chat.

When you went through the re-auth steps listed here, did you see a message saying waiting for your admin to approve?

@agomes I just went through the re-auth steps again, and it works now. Thank you!!


Hi @agomes, thank you for all your work on this! I have a channel notification set up for a project that fires a message for comments and new files but it seems that branch merges, requests, approvals, archives are not firing messages. The subscription is set to update in real-time. Anything I might be missing?

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I have the same problem as @Victor_Grajski

  • Successfully installed Figma <-> Slack plugin.
  • Added Figma app to public channel in my team.
  • Configured real-time notifications for file.
  • Checked and confirmed subscriptions.
  • Made created/merged branch on subscribed file.
  • Failed: No notifications sent to slack.

@agomes Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!