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New Slack integration isn't working


I was using the existing Slack integration happily until this morning and had separate channels set up for all my projects which worked nicely. As everyone subscribed to each channel could keep abreast of all comms on that product.

I installed the new Slack app a while ago when it was announced but haven’t really been using it as my existing setup was working fine. The only benefit I can see from the new setup is that you can see designs directly in Slack, other than that it feels like a step backwards to lump everything into one channel.

Since my existing setup stopped working this morning I’ve tried numerous times to get the new integration to work but it’s still not happening. Here are the issues…

  • DMs are coming through to my email but not Slack
  • I tried revoking/reconnecting my access to Slack in the Slack app directory but now when I try to “Connect my account” in Slack it runs through the process and loops back to the “Connect your account” message, only it’s not connected.
  • Strangely, in the project menus 2 of my 6 projects still had the option “Remove Slack integration” but the others didn’t. I did this thinking that maybe these projects were still somehow linked to the old channels, but it made no difference.
  • I’ve checked the comment settings in Figma and they are set to “All comments”
  • Typing “help” brings up the tips for using Figma’s Slack app, but typing “off”, “stop”, “on” and “start” does nothing.
  • I’ve tried logging out of slack and figma, quitting and restarting my machine but still no difference.
  • I’ve also looked everywhere for a way to remove the Figma app completely so I can reinstall it but that doesn’t seem possible? Only revoking access to it?

Any help much appreciated as I can’t collaborate effectively without this working.



Not sure how to follow a post… I also have no idea how to get Figma notifications in Slack working. The instructions only get me as far as installing the Figma bot which I’ve done, but then nothing else after that.


Not working here either. The previous app worked very well. Now even if I’m editor in a file I’m not receiving new comments in slack. I thought it’s related to mentioning someone but it’s not. However I have some comments in the app but I’m not sure how.

This new app really lacks of documentation


Same here. Loved the original integration. Now it does nothing.


Also not working here. Finished the Slack-Figma app installation but still no notification via Slack. Please check ASAP or revert back to the webhook version.


Same to us for all our new projects, which is really a nightmare. Figma support please help ASAP

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Also having the same issue on our team

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Same here. Only receiving slack updates from Figma messages from people on my team, not people outside the team. Really frustrating for working with subcontractors.

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Figma comments coming into the new Slack app channel are hugely delayed if they come at all. This is a serious impediment to timely collaboration on our team.

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I am having the same issue! The comments are not coming in a channel thread.

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The Figma bot in Slack finally started working but the notifications I get seem random. Only comments from some people in some files are passed to the bot. I’m seeing lots of missed comments when I open files directly. I can’t see any patterns, or settings for that matter, so it seems to be a bug. This is a major bummer. I hope this can get fixed soon. I have to turn on email notifications again until I can trust that the bot works :pensive:

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We just installed the new figma for slack app and followed instructions. was able to connect and turn On the feature via slack bot but currently only getting emails of figma comments but nothing in slack.

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This new Figma <> Slack integration is an abomination and is affecting our workflow. Nothing works and there is no guidance from Figma support on how to solve the issue. I’ve tried to contact them a number of times and no one replies. Has anyone here been able to get the Figma comments working in the Slack channels again?


Nope, having the same issue. Still not working and no reply on any of their support channels

Hey everyone, my name is Chris and I’m with the engineering team here at Figma. Thank you for the bug reports and feedback. We’re going to immediately be taking a look at the reliability bugs reported here and try to address those immediately. I might reach out to some of you individually to try to get more detail.

We’re also considering adding back support for channel <> project-based notification and your feedback is very valuable.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused and thank you for your patience as we work through these things.


Thank you Chris, I appreciate you. The channel <> project-based notification is crucial to our product → design → engineering workflow. Please add that back and let me know if I can offer any more details. Thanks again.


Update 2021/06/28
At this moment Slack-Figma app started working for my team.
I can receive notifications via the Slack-Figma app. Also can post reply without any problem.
Thanks for fixing the issue.

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We stopped receiving Figma notifications in Slack channels 4 days ago. They are not coming through at all. Is anybody else again experiencing this problem?


having the same problem as well

+1. I also need Slack channel <> project-based notifications

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