New Relic stopped working with figma plugin

Hi everyone, I implemented the new relic with my Figma plugin for metrics collections and so far it was working well. but suddenly it stopped working, and there is no change in the code at all.

So basically it was working fine 2-3 weeks ago and today it stopped working. I assume something might have changed due to Figma app updates (Can anyone confirm if there are any changes in the new update that could affect this).

Technical context, once the plugin loads the new relic sdk gets loaded, and then every 30 seconds it sends a xhr request to new relic with metric updates. and now those xhr requests stopped happening (Not even coming up on network tab), there is no error in the console as well and I have checked the exact same sdk work from the normal HTML file, just not working from the plugin.

Any help or guidance on further investigation will greatly help.

Update I can confirm it is due to an update because I have tested on Figma v116.9 and it is working, whereas once we upgraded the version to 116.10 it stopped working.