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New Quick Actions Menu! ⚡

PS for non-US keyboards command + P is an alternative shortcut that should work


WOOHOO :dancer:

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Just a quick suggestion, why not making it a bit bigger so we can read more space to read ?


Yooooooo. This is straight :fire:

Question: Will Assets/Components be coming to this quick actions menu? This feels faster and more in the action than having to browse through the assets sidebar since you can keep your mouse in the canvas space.


Thank you for fulfilling this request, now you can mark it as completed!

The new menu doesn’t add layers or components search like runner.


:fire: Runner :fire:
Like in sketch was.
Runner was (is) a massive improvement to design workflow. (bought it few months before move to Figma :man_facepalming:)

Anything like Runner for figma is existing?


That is nice. But for non-us keyboard unusable.
So I’ve used CMD+, (comma) and started to write. Now I am stuck after having this habbit for months (years) and now not working.

Please. Allow to start writing after CMD+, as in previous versions (before 18-MAR-21 release).
Please please please…

I know about CMD+P… but still. Removing working feature is not improvement for me.
Sorry :wink:


Ok… Some Figma Walker is walking far behind in usability after escaped Runner Pro…
But at least something :wink:

Am I missing something? When using CTRL + P or CTLR + / , I am still getting the useless search menu. Is that normal? Anyways, one thing I’d like to mention… keyboard shortcuts are really inefficient for me, I find, when I can’t reach with my left fingers only. Why in the world would you want CTRL + P, complete opposite keys on the keyboard, to be used for a feature that should be your go to? (sigh… I wish I could have CTRL+K being CTRL + F instead… ugh)

For those who are unaware, there are ways to remap your keys on your keyboards using Hkeys (windows) and karabine (mac) - you need it when you are a freak of productivity and Figma does not allow you to remap your keys. Try that one: replace Caps by Return. You will then understand what I am saying above. (“Return” = edit text/shapes, etc & “Shift + Return” = up to selection’s parent - all that accessible from the left hand… sooooo useful).

You might need to refresh your tab or restart Figma. As for the keyboard shortcuts, having the ability to create custom ones is definitely on our team’s radar. Be sure to vote and add your feedback to the topic posted here: Customizable shortcuts

That’s great @Josh, I was looking for that forum item about keyboard shorcuts the other day. I Voted now.

I indeed refreshed my tabs before posting. After I restarted my Figma twice I got the update. It works now.



Still not there yet for me as in the product idea I’d suggested here, I was looking for a way to jump between pages, frames, components, and apply styles. But this is surely an improvement over the previous Quick Actions menu. Would be dope to know what’s next in the pipeline for Quick Actions.


Inserting components via Quick Action would unlock sooooo much speed.


My issue with this new approach are the “recent actions”.
In the previous menu I was able to memorize a combination of keystrokes that would always give the exact same result, to the point I was able to use the menu without looking at it.
Now I have to pay attention to what is being shown in the menu to make sure I select the correct option I want to use which, ultimately, distracts me from my main task - working on something in the canvas.

I understand Recent Actions might be useful for most users, but I would love a setting to disable that function.

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I really liked being able to click on the blue menu button once and just start typing what I’m looking for. Sad that is functionality is gone.

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Hopefully this would result in the same thing? If you know the name of the action you type enough for it to be the first result and hit enter. It’ll take an adjustment period because you were used to the old way but wouldn’t it end up the same?

For those that are unaware, there are ways to remap your keys on your keyboards using H keys windows and karabine Mac - you would like it once you are a freak of productivity and Figma doesn’t allow you to remap your keys.

we really need to be able to insert components from this new menu otherwise its pointless… i cant see any use for it apart from maybe calling up some plugin commands without having to navigate the menus