New plugin: Supersearch — Fast search across all of your Figma files

tl;dr - fast, global search plugin: Figma - Supersearch | Fast search across all of your Figma files. This is different from all other Figma search plugin...

Quite a few people have asked for a more powerful and wide ranging search bar for Figma. I too was waiting for this and thought Figma would release one sooner or later.

There are quite a few search plugins already but they a) only work within the context of a single file and b) slow down / freeze in larger files.

I too need this and so last week decided I would just build a plugin for it myself. As far as I’m aware, this is the only plugin that works across more than one file and doesn’t slow down for larger files. To make this possible the plugin requires read-only access to your files in order to create a search index - it uses standard security practices and keeps the indexes separate from each other but keep in mind that some info is stored on an external server so don’t use the plugin if your company policies don’t allow for that.

Also I should mention that this is a paid plugin - the cost of storage for the search indexes is not small so it can’t be free. It’s $5 / mo / user but this is subject to change. You can try it out for free anyway.

I expect that Figma will eventually release their own better version, but I hope this is helpful to some folks in the meantime.

Epic work! Wow! :exploding_head:

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