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I appreciate that Figma wants to show it’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. That’s fine.

However, I don’t see why political and ideological statements need to be forced on users, in this case in the form of the new loading bar.

Other apps, Monzo Bank for example, have the courtesy to allow their users to choose a version of their app logo or remain with the original. I request that you do the same in this case.


Seems like the last thread on this was deleted

I would also very much like to preserve the professionalism of my work environment and not have ideology pushed on me. The company or at least the self-styled “designer” of this “impactful” feature seem pretty sure of themselves though, so I wouldn’t expect to be treated with the aforementioned courtesy by figma any time soon.

“And so, the Figma Pride Loader will bless your screen every June for as long as Figma exists.”



I mean, I don’t mind it being there, I just would like to know if this loading-bar is shown to all (eastern world included) Figma users or if the inclusion and diversity thing ends at the borders of the western world. I just don’t support this faked allyship if it’s only done there, where it’s “safe and doesn’t cause any losses”.


I love the colors of the loading bar. :slight_smile: :rainbow:


You may not like it, but I don’t see how Figma’s statement is forced upon anyone since you don’t have to agree to anything.

Applying the new colour palette without giving users the option to revert to the ‘standard’ version leaves the user with, well, no option.
That you may agree with the ideological statement doesn’t alter that.

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You may be forced to live with the aesthetics but you can disagree with the statement and still use Figma. You are not forced to agree to anything to keep using their service. Ergo Figma’s values are not forced down on anyone.

Forced on doesn’t equate with accept. Your argument ignores the original and reasonable request.

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I haven’t ignored it. I just haven’t addressed it because I don’t disagree with it.

Help me understand the distinction then.
When they update the aesthetics conveying a political message, but you don’t have to agree to anything, then you call it being forced on you.
When they update the aesthetics conveying a political message and you do have to agree with it, then you call it _______?

@Klesus I don’t think this is the place for a discussion on semantics.

I like the original neutral look of the loading bar version. It did its job perfectly. However, the new color spectrum version makes me think there are some meanings to the loading task. Imagine the bar design back to the original. Would the users perceive it as a disabled state because of the contrast experience between colors and gray?

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June is over. Any plans to revert the loading bar?

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June is over…Please revert back to the standard non-inflammatory, non assumption filled non agenda filled, and more inclusive, loading bar. Or at the very least…allow us something in the options to choose between the loading bars. Why has Figma who claims to be inclusive not thought of this option?

Just imagine If the loading bar were filled with the Christian cross during December…we’d be hearing a VERY different story from those who are currently claiming that ‘nothing is being ‘forced’ upon us’.


The only thing a progress bar is forcing you to do is wait.

The hilarity of calling equal human rights an “ideology” is hilarious, good joke.

Figma is a private company, their values are carried throughout their workforce, and thus their product too.

If you don’t like it, go use something else.


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