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New Editor seats and quarterly true-ups

Hello everyone,
We recently transitioned to Figma and I have a question regarding the Organization Plan and the quarterly true-ups for editor seats.

We have 9 seats in total and we cannot really go over this number for budget reasons. All new designers are therefore downgraded to “Viewer - Restricted” as soon as they join so that they cannot upgrade themselves to the Editor role. But of course this limits their ability to share their comps with other colleagues, which is definitely a crucial feature to have.

I was now reading about quarterly true-ups and the billing of new editor seats, but I would like to get the community confirmation on this:

  1. Is it true that new extra Editors can be downgraded to Viewers - Restricted right before the true-up and Figma won’t charge their seats?
  2. After the true-up, can they be upgraded back to be Editors?
  3. What are the cons of these tricks? It looks to me like we can have “free” editors and it’s just a matter of perform action #1 and #2 at a given time. Too good to be true? What I am missing?


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