New Dev Mode seat pricing is unacceptable, what do we do now?

This new pricing model for Dev Mode $35/seat/month just to inspect already finished designs is so out of touch with reality, I have no words.

We have an enterprise Figma license and we capped Editor seats to a minimum because it’s hard to sell to C-level. This limits UX maturity and spread of Figma usage in product development across the whole org.

We have about 4x as much full-stack developers as we have designers, who OCCASIONALLY need to inspect designs. How the bleep are we supposed to sell those seats to C-level executives?

This is completely unrealistic and limits not only spread of Figma usage, but design-led product development in our org even more.

If we are to keep Figma, all of our designers are left with one option, to extensively micro-document each design for devs to read as a book. Losing huge chunk of our UX time.

What a self-destructing pricing strategy from Figma. What do we do now?


My understanding is that you’ll keep the current “Inspect” mode without additional cost. They charge for the new functions within dev mode: vscode integration, external tools integration like jira or storybook and extra functions around dev. Is it worth the price ? I’m not sure but you are not loosing anything if you’ve been using the inspect tab for years.

If you want to move to a product with a lower price consider zeplin as an alternative.


Take a look @Maxime_Ealet


Damn I thought there would be a bit more to the classic “inspect”… I’m need to see what we gonna do too.

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This right here is one of the main problems. Why do we get a such a downgraded inspect mode when not using dev mode? Makes no sense. These basic inspect features (and how they are presented within the UI) should be part of a good design tool without additional costs.


35 bucks is quite a lot… they could’ve stopped at 20 or something.
On the other hand… isn’t Figma the tool that you wouldn’t be surprised if it was 50 bucks a month per user from the start?

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Did you guys find any valuable alternatives? I’m really curious what to do, as the cost is absolutely unacceptable for a very basic feature, as of me.


Spacing and padding info can be accessed using modifier keys

I’m guessing they kind of hid it…?

It’s very odd.

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Wow. this is not at all what I expected. My company (and i’m sure many others) will not be willing to manage 3rd party contracted developer seats at $35 each. We’ve just switched to Figma over the last year from Xd because the features were supposed to be better. Since the switch i’ve found it harder to push my designers to create new components and think through problems creatively because 1: Figma will do half the work anyway, and 2: componentization creates a barrier to them wanting to break out of the structure. Work is lazier and less effective - even if we do have a better library system. Knowing that this will negate the benefits of cross team collaboration without a big upcharge makes me wonder what the overall benefit of Figma is afterall.

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I’d like to say I’m surprised by this move but this has Adobe’s fingerprints all over it!

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This is an interesting move, since the pricing seems like a big miss even compared to other similar and arguably better handoff platforms in the market.

See Zeplin at ~$12/seat, even if you have to onboard your design and development team, is cheaper in total and more functional.



Agreed, BUT hasn’t that been cancelled or put on hold as they were in dispute…ironically over costs :see_no_evil:

Oh I missed that! Good news!

Wow, I had no idea they were absolutely killing the classic inspect mode. They wrote in the e-mail about this topic that the classic inspect mode would remain active without extra costs, but if this is its form then I am really disappointed and unhappy with this product now.


i where also surprised that it is so expensive =(


And there’s also Pixso which is a Figma clone. Inspector is free there. Should we consider dropping Figma and moving to Pixso?


it’s even more expensive than a dev’s IDE. wait what?


that breaks my heart.

I’ve been an avid Figma advocate for years, and now I feel like a fool.


Just had a notice from my CEO that the product team will have a meeting on Monday to discuss what to do about the tool. I am afraid they will ask for software change…

Bravo @Figma_Moderation . Amazing example of how not to do it.


This is what we do now.
Sketch is doing great at a very fair price: