New customer trying to buy and no response

Hi all does anyone know how to get in contact with Figma Sales by phone please? I have been trying to get them to contact me to purchase a organisation license since November. I appreciate that I can buy online but my company only supports purchase through quote then purchase order process so I am unable to sign up online. Its not a brilliant introduction to the company to be honest as I have had absolutely no response to the multiple sales contact forms I have completed. But my team would like to use this tool so I will try this one last time for them! thanks all for any guidance you can provide.

If you reached out to them on the weekend, they would usually reply on the business day, so you should be getting a response early this week. There is no phone you can call as far as I know.

Hello, thanks for your reply but I have sent three separate contact requests to the sales team since November and had no reply from them at all. Im hoping someone will contact me!

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