New* Canvas controls in autolayout is increasing user mistakes

*new as of update of May 2022 in Figma auto layout.

We got a lot of great stuff in the auto layout, one not so great is the ability to use the mouse to change the side of white space and in-between space in the auto layout.

While I see the idea that someone might want to use the mouse instead of an exact predetermined number, this specific implementation just generates hundreds of missed clicks.

Now when I have an auto-layout card I have no handle to resize it or move it around.
i use to be able to just click on the auto layout enabled card in the middle and drag it, or click on the side and change its size.

now I have to play an icon game to make sure I am hovering in the right area and I am not going to change the item instead of just moving it.

The click area for the Canvas controls is super big and the click area for drag and drop is of the frame is like unexistant.


Agreed!! Canvas controls are amazing but they’re irritating the hell out of me. I’ve been searching for a way to hide/show them, which is why I’ve come across this post. Anybody know how to toggle visibility on canvas controls??


3rd topic in a row I see this week. Really annoying. Should be turnable on/off on the preferences menu.

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