New Auto Layout


I like the new auto layout panel, but I still would like a way to quickly change the spacing mode. Having it hidden in a panel is cumbersome. Even a non-discoverable option, like double clicking the alignment matrix would be cool.


After clicking on the alignment, you can press X to toggle between modes. :slight_smile:


Try typing ‘a’ or ‘auto’ in the spacing input and hitting enter :slight_smile:

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Try Pro Layout Panel, I created this plugin for the exact reason you mentioned, everything is a one clicker, designed by pro, for pro

Can anyone tell me why, despite having a frame auto-layout I do not see Fill Container as an option. I can only see Hug Contents or Fixed Width.

I am following this figma video Figma tutorial: What’s new in Auto layout #Config2022 - YouTube

And I don’t have this as an option.
Screenshot 2022-05-18 8.14.04 PM

Am I just dumb :grimacing:

The “Fill container” option only appears for Auto Layout children.

I must have missed a step in the video. I am certain it was an Auto layout child as you say.
I will go back and check.

Thank you. It makes me feel dumb when mine doesn’t do the same as the video instructions.