Nesting styles - is it possible?

I have created some color styles, and now I want to apply them to various weights of lines, and save these lines as styles also.

In the future, if I change the colors, I want the various line weights to update with the edited colors. However, once I apply a color style to a line, I can’t save that line as a style.

Effectively, I want to nest styles, but in this possible?

I’ve tried combining a line weight and a color at the component level, but that doesn’t seem to work because when you save a line weight you save a default color with it, and you can’t update that color with a color style.

Seems like colors should be some kind of special case, that can be used used as a “sub-styles” for lines, fills and shadows that can then themselves become styles.

My questions seems related to this one:

but no one has replied to it.

The tool you’re thinking of is Sketch. Figma has a different logic, with its own ups and downs. You can’t have Fill or Stroke styles, only color styles. That allows for much more simplicity and flexibility in overrides, at the expanse of consistency in design systems (same goes for override management).