Nested image overrides not working in library components


  1. Create a simple component A containing a shape with an image fill
  2. Create a component B with several instances of component A in it
  3. In component B, override the image fills of the component A instances
  4. Publish the file as a library and create an instance of component B in another file

Result: The image fills that have been overridden are blank in the second file (even though they are properly displayed in the asset browser).

This might be the same issue as Resolved: Overrides not preserved when library is pushed, but that solution does NOT work (“Fix instance overrides” does nothing).

An update: This only happens in the Mac app, if I open the same file in Chrome it works fine.

I have the same issue here with one of my components.

a not really helpful solution (which shows that it is not the component but a bug):
on the file using instance of component B, add via assets component A. reload tab.
all of a sudden the image will show up in both component B as well as component A.

Must be a bug.