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Negative values in Auto Layout

@Tim_Ruiters I think I fixed it. Check it out.

No, I’m afraid not. I want the height/size of the visual above the copy to stay fixed in height.

@Tim_Ruiters Your file said: Ideally I would also want this video frame to autoscale in height when the button is hidden - I fix that.

No, that’s not right. In your version, the visual within the video frame was autoscaling. Not the video frame itself. I’ve added the desired behavior in the Figma file if it wasn’t clear enough.

But I completely agree with @Ben_Smeets in this one. This shouldn’t be a matter of trying to hack the system with a workaround. It should be a simple fix by allowing negative values in the Auto Layout.

this was useful!! thank you!

I would like to be able to use negative values in auto layout. This is a very common design pattern. Please add support.