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Negative values in Auto Layout

Yes please!

Yes, we do really need negative values in auto layout!

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I couldn’t agree more. Independent control for any border side is a must. :point_up_2:


+1. Even though we can do it using distance property on Frame.

Another example is for UI like this where I’d like to use Auto Layout so the labeling and values are easily editable and the frame resizes when editing, but there also needs to be just a single border between the elements. A -1px padding for the Auto Layout would be a perfect solve here.

In absence of that, @Richard_Doyle thanks for the tip about switching from packed to space between and just shortening the frame a bit. :bowing_man:

Fully agree about the need. For example, I wanted to do a lot of times components like titles or buttons with a bottom highlighting, but it isn’t possible to have a highlight resizing automatically.

This is really frustrating everytime.

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