Need to be able to create Design TOKEN *RELATIONSHIPS* in Figma Styles

To manage 1000s of Design Tokens and relationships between them is currently not supported in Figma. It is not possible to create Alias tokens (referencing one token/style with another token).

For utilizing the power of design tokens, Figma needs to become the single source of truth. Where all the 1000s of tokens can be created and exported in developer consumed formats like JSON. Currently all tokens live in dev environment or a doc and only a sub-set of it can be created in Figma, AND both of these sources are not in sync. Which is a huge issue. They need to be manually created, mapped and managed separately.

Other Solutions?
How do other teams using large number of hierarchical tokens manage them? Do you use custom-built tools? Third-party tools? or maintain them separately in dev environments and Figma?

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