Need help / Bug with layout columns & rows

Please I need help, I used to emulate padding in the layout column with this config:

Count 1
Type: Stretch
Margin: 32
gutter: 0

however when I opened my figma file all my design was screwed up looking like this:

I realized that this happened because now the layout column is being drawed
and if a try to do the trick this is what I get

Please help me,
pdt: sorry for posting links figma forum doesn’t allow me to attach more than 1 img because I’m new

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I’ve the same issue. Just opened Figma with the last update and all my layout systems are screwed. The fact that the inside area of a layout with no gutter is colored is conflicting with nested frames with different layouts. The result is an over-layed colored area and it becomes impossible to design within it.

@Figma_Support is this a bug or a new update? It should be better to allow user to dispay the colored area or to not have it when gutter is at zero, like before.

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Yes or at least allow users to select whether they want the inside area of the layout grid to be colored or not.

Thanks!!! @Figma_Support the layout grid trick is working again!!!

I love you all <3

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