Need a way to center various size components in frame of component

I haven’t been able to find a way to approximate vertical+horizontal centering like what can be done with css flex or grid (or even container-fit) with components. I’d like to be able to make reusable blocks like the following example:

  • A component showing a row of logos, where their centers are equal distance apart.
    • Outside frame is auto-layout horizontal.
    • Inside that is a fixed height and width frame (also auto-layout to auto center?)
      • This is to normalize the spacing between logos.
    • Inside that is an instance of a logo, a max h/w, centered x and y, whatever ratio.

Whether I try to make something like this or just a normal auto-layout row—it’s impossible in row instances to swap out logo instances without those logos getting squished into the same height and width of the original logo instance in the master component. Logos being all different ratios, this can’t work unless I make a version of all the logos with that specific fixed height and width, for this specific logo row.

Since elements in instances can’t be resized or assume the new size of the swapped component, components can’t be used for auto-layouts of irregularly sized contents.

Is there a trick around this? Or will supporting this need to be a new Figma feature?