Need a Figma coach - Will pay

Hi Figma designers,

I’m having few issues with Figma and it’s taking a really long time for me to figure out how to solve it.

If anyone is a Figma EXPERT and FLUENT in English and has time to jump on a Zoom call to show me how to solve a few issues, I will pay for your time.

Please email me at and let me know your availability and how much you would charge for 1-hour coaching.

Example issues I need help with:

  1. Lots of issues with creating a menu with hover effects…For example, I have a button component that’s on a black background and it has a white icon and white text. When the user hovers that button it needs to change to a gray background, black text, and icon. The text changes, but the icon doesn’t.
  2. Creating an onboarding experience with interactive dropdown components
  3. Swipe doesn’t work
  4. Creating responsive pages using auto layouts
  5. Constraints - tables, color pickers, etc.
  6. Tips and tricks, the easiest and fastest way to create tables
  7. Tips and tricks, how to create charts and graphs
  8. Adding a power pop-up component that’s saved on a different page
  9. And more…

Thank you

Stacey, I’m not sure what you think there’s to “fall for”.

  1. I never got your Venmo link
  2. Why would I try to avoid paying $60-$90? Unless I live in Bangladesh, where that’s a lot of money, there’s nothing to fall for.
  3. Especially since you didn’t help me with what I needed help with, and I still insisted on paying you. Then I had to spend an hour fixing what we changed that broke my prototype.

That was a very strange post. Please resend me your Venmo link.

Your email went to the junk folder! It’s probably because you had a large video file attached.

Again, what is there to “fall for”?

  1. You didn’t solve my problem.
  2. I still insisted on paying you!
  3. You charge $30/hour, and we spent 2 hours max.

So what is there to “fall for”?

Before you accuse and insult someone, consider the facts.

Don’t ever contact me again.

FYI…your email file is so big that when I click on it, it doesn’t load, and my Outlook freezes up. This is why it went to a junk folder, and I never saw it.

I don’t know what “dox me” means.

If I had received your Venmo link before seeing this “Don’t fall for this guys” message, I would have paid you more than you asked for. I have never taken advantage of anyone and for you to even imply that, is extremely insulting and without a cause.

I still don’t know what you think I was trying to do and “fall for” what?

If the Google Drive link wasn’t large, then why is my email keeps freezing up every time I click on your email? Now you’re implying that I’m lying about your email going to a junk folder.

Consider the facts before throwing accusations…I have no reason to scam anyone for $30.

If you think small, you will always be small.