Navigation Gets Cut Off When Frame Resized

Hey everyone, I’m trying to make a responsive nav. I’m using a desktop frame and placed the tabs for my nav in the top right, now I’m trying to get the tabs/text to stack when I resize the frame (for mobile screens) but they just get cut off if I resize the frame.

I watched videos posted by Figma on constraints and auto layout and also searched through the community to find similar questions but I’m still having trouble. I think I have the right idea but maybe I’m not applying the auto layout/constraints to the right items? Can anyone help with this?

(tried to add more images but I’m a new user, heres one of the frame)

Hey charmy,

So the first option would be like this. Make sure your constraints are set up right and your auto layout as well. Make also sure to set your frame to Hug


The other option is to change the spacing mode to space between

Here is a video

Have a great day

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