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Native Table Object

Problem: About 75% of all my screens have tables in them. I’ve made my Figma hack of a table (so dont suggest it) and its fine. However, it could be so much better.

Proposed Features:

  1. Settings for padding, striping, borders, header row, footer (total) row, first col, font color/size, etc.
  2. Populate contents from Google Sheet (there is a plugin that does this, but its not easy to use imho)
  3. In prototype, headers and footers should be frozen so you just scroll the contents.
  4. Fixed width/height or responsive to contents

I can imagine other features like filtering, but this seems like enough to be lovable.


This needs to be done! I’ve been clamoring for a design tool to tackle this. Still can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. Trying to create your own tables from scratch is a nightmare… So many extraneous and unnecessary nested layers that just end up being a hacky mess.


I’m not sure you are aware of the magnitude of this ask. Keep pulling this thread to its logical conclusion, native out of the box buttons? Modals? Accordions? What you’re asking for is a design system/component library. That’s not what Figma is.

The purpose of Figma is to give you the tools to design whatever components you need however you want, with maximum flexibility. If they were to provide you with an OOB table element, I guarantee that it won’t do all the things you want it to do, and won’t behave the way you want it to behave. Now multiply that by thousands of users, each with their own idea about how a table should behave.

That being said, I empathize. Tables are hard. But there are dozens of community templates and other resources that you can leverage.


Your slippery slope argument doesn’t make sense to me.

  1. Dimitri_Kielbasiewicz I don’t have any special needs around buttons and modals. They work as needed. Having pressed or hover states is possible now and doesn’t really change the prototype.
  2. Powerpoint has a table object (that I can edit in a browser). So does Google Docs and Slides. Yes, it’s hard; So what? The section is not called Product Ideas That Aren’t Too Hard.
  3. Be nice. You are being negative about another person’s idea. You don’t have to vote for it if you don’t want to. But being negative is bad for the community.



Hey, y’all meanwhile might I suggest a couple of things?

1. There’s a table builder plugin.
You can find Table Creator in the Figma Community.

2. If you want to build a table there are still techniques (like probably the hack you mentioned @Glen_Lipka )
Here you can see one of my ideas/suggestions to build these.

Yes, Im aware of both, but I think a native solution would be better.