Name of bold font weight is not "Bold", but "Negreta", when using a custom font face. What's going on?

We have a custom font called “AU Passata”. For some reason the bold weight of this font does not show up as “Bold” in Figma, but is called “Negreta”:

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 10.48.17

(Which as per Google Translate seem to be catalan for bold)

In other apps, like Pages and Keynote, bold is “Bold” with this font:
Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 12.47.44

Also, when I look up details about the font in the Font Book-app, there is no mention of the word “Negreta”:

Any “font experts” out there, who might have an idea what is going on here?

A bit more info:

  • When I choose any another font in Figma bold i “Bold”.
  • If you need to look at the font-file itself, it can be downloaded from here: Download Fonts (usages restrictions apply).
  • Why is this a problem? I’ve started using the, which have the option to also sync formating like underlining, italics and bold. But that only works when bold is called “Bold”.

…also I’ve just realised now from my screenshots, that regular is not “Regular” but “Normal” with this font in Figma. Whereas as other apps call it “Regular”.

Some fonts have localized name data contained in their name table. AU Passata has a whole bunch of them, including the Catalan “Negreta.” (Attached is just a sampling of them.)

Apps’ use of that localized name data can differ. Some will reference the applicable field based on the user’s identified locale – I believe Figma does honor that data though. I’m assuming you are not in Catalonia, so perhaps this is a bug. (Total shot in the dark but if a browser VPN could be the culprit…)