My smart animated component breaks at the third frame

I have animated 7 frames using smart animate. The flow should be continuous (After delay) However, it breaks on the third frame.
So, if I start previewing the flow from frame 1, it stops animating and simply start using dissolve at frame 3. If I Start the flow at frame 2, then it works and breaks at 4. If I start at frame 3, then it works and breaks at 5. It works fro the first 2 frames and then for the rest, it just dissolves.
Screenshot 2023-11-29 153221

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! In Figma, Smart animate looks for matching layers that exist across multiple frames. Figma takes into account both the layer’s name and where it sits within the hierarchy. Have you checked these between frames?

I hope this article can help you and please let us ‌know how that works. If you need any further assistance, would you be able to share the file link so we can dive into deeper?