My screens are set with constrains but the prototype screen still cut it off

I have attached my prototype link here, I have added constrains to everything on the screen to make it responsive, but when I set up a mock up screen in the prototype, my screen still gets cut off even though I have selected “fit screen”. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong here :frowning:

I should add that I made this in 1920x1080, I attached constrains to all elements and I’m trying to mock it up in a Apple laptop now.

I see! Thank you for explaining that, so I guess if I want to mock a “transition” of how screen looks between devices, I need to create each in a separate frame, and sort of hack it with smart animation?

Quite right! Or use other tools to achieve this goal.

What are the other tools? Is there a better way? Thanks!

I don’t know what tools you use, but it’s usually Adobe After Effects, ProtoPie, Principle, etc.