My prototype keeps starting on the second frame. Please help!

Hello, my prototype keeps either starting on the second frame or quickly going through my first frame even though it has a delay of 1100ms. No matter what I change the time to, it still goes too quickly. The first time I make an edit, it usually works in the play view, but after that, it reverts to going too quickly. The flow says it starts on the first frame and is connected to the rest of the prototype so I am confused about what I am doing wrong. Thank you!

I’ve seen this behavior occur because if it takes the prototype a while to load, some delays will be triggered and take place before the prototype is fully loaded.

The only reliable workaround I’ve found is to put a loading screen in front of the first screen, either with a longer delay (to basically eat up the time needed to load the prototype) or a button/link that says “Tap to Start Prototype” or something like that.