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My iOS Figma mobile beta app say "'Figma' Beta has Expired


As the title says, does anyone has the same issue or know how to get the app working again?


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You should be able to update the app through Testflight. Click on the app and look for the “Update” button next to the app icon.

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When I try to open Figma mobile beta app, it alert this. And it seems not in TestFlight too when I try to find it in TestFlight.

In the Testflight app, you must log in with the Apple ID that you used to download the beta originally (this will likely be the Apple ID that you used to request access from Figma). That should show you the list of apps you have access to, including the Figma beta. If you don’t see the beta after logging in, then you may have to reach out to Figma.

Testflight beta apps on iOS only last for 90 days, so try to keep them updated as soon as a new version rolls out.


What @ntfromchicago is saying is accurate, if you do have any further issues, please let me know here!

thanks a lot

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Thanks, it works

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