My font can’t be set to Italic


My font can’t be set to Italic, on the right side menu there is not italic option, and when I select the left side menu, FIGMA/Text/Italic, nothing happens.

The font I stored in my project and this applies for all users in our team and on windows app as well on the web browser.

The font is blinker, you find it here:

This font has no problem with italic in other software, like office, gimp, Inkscape etc, or in web apps.

What can I do?

Hi there,
After checking your link, unfortunately, this is because the Italic one doesn’t exist for Blinker. This is why it can’t appear on Figma.

Why is FIGMA not capable of this when all other software can?
Is FIGMA really not capable of using fonts the way other tools can?

Hmm, this looks odd, if you are able to have it in another software. Please reach out to the support team by filling this form here. Our technical specialist can investigate further the issue that may be causing this on our end. Thank you!

Thanks, I filed a support ticket…