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My file won't load

I got a problem with one of my files, I can’t fully load the file and a prompt “This file has unsaved changes.” shows up at the bottom. I am online and connected to the internet. and other files I have loads, but not this particular one. before this problem I already see that Figma sometimes says I’m not online and that my files will be sync once I’m online. but I’ve always. been working with Figma online. anybody has a solution?

Try to restore the previous version of the file:

Alt + Shift + Right click the file in the file browser:

Thanks for this, I’ve tried to restore a few versions, none of them work…

In this case I would recommend to reach out to Figma support team via the support request form or

yup dropped them a message. bu funny thing. is, when I duplicate it I can open the duplicated file easily. but not the original file, which is a live file with colleagues in it. and when I want to close the window of this “live” file, it shows me this:

These details and links to the duplicate & original files will certainly help the support team investigate this issue.

I am having the exact same problem. @Jacob_Setoh did they resolve this problem for you? Mine is a design system file.

This problem can only be resolved on individual basis so you need to reach out to them too. Also check out these articles, they may help you fix the issue (esp. by restoring the previous version):

Hello I am now having the same problem - I lost the last 1 hour of work. I was working in the file without any issues, then I went away from the computer and when I came back I am just getting the 100% memory error and no, even the recovery function does not help because last 5 or so version are also giving the error and the one working is way too old… Is there a way to fix this? I tried to contact the figma support but I just got an email that they no longer respond to emails… I wish there was an option to just split the file… This limit is stupid.

I am experiencing the same as @Ondrej_Pelak . A critical issue with very unstable files.
I had a large file I split into 5 files, reduced and minimized the file size as much as possible from the beginning. Even though I still have split it up I get the same message as @Ondrej_Pelak .

“Ressource Use” is on and said I was using 1.1 gb so just around 55% of the limit – I didn’t get any warning for 60% or 75% warnings mentiond here

It just went from good to bad. And the issue is that a seemingly good/okay file just suddenly crashes. And at the moment version history is not working either.

And figma support is not getting back.

I think I have lost around 6-7 hours of work.
Anyone experienced something like this?

Damn man, really the same. I had to create a new file and re-do all the work I lost… because even figma support said there is no way to fix it from their side. My first problem with figma in more then 3 years :///

And BTW you are right, resources show me like 75-80% at maximum. But I have noticed this changes when you go between the pages…

Hope figma fixes this. There should ba some safe margin if you are close to the 100% limit…

@Ondrej_Pelak They didn’t.

I found a solution my self. All files had some cached data in the files we had, it said it had 300.000 layers and at a constant around 0.8gb-1.2gb no matter if we splitted it up or deleted stuff.

So we started with a small file and moved it to a fresh new page – suddenly it went from 300.000+ layers to 1000 layers and 0.89gb to 0.01gb

And now all components are gathered again and ressource use is around 0.57gb

But it would have been nice if figma support actually managed to support in this case, would have saved me a lot of work.

But now I know this, so not all bad :slight_smile: