Multiple independent strokes

*cries in focus state*

+1, please, add this feature

I need this so I can set the bottom edge of the stroke to be a different color than the other edges

I was quite shocked to see something like multiple funny/cute avatar cursors being implemented into Figma while this basic feature is still missing. Is it just me or do they really have their priorities mixed… Please focus on the important things and give us this feature.


3 years and this feature still missing.


3 years later and scrolling through the comments I see this feature STILL hasn’t been implemented but funny/cute avatars have? Just make it happen already Figma! Seriously.

A hacky way of using inner shadows with no blur or spread does work, but it’s hacky as hell! :rage:

There is a variant of multiple contouring: you draw an object contour, then AutoLayout and draw a contour for it, then AutoLayout again with a new contour, and so on many times, it works on rectangular and circular shapes. You can even make empty spaces between the paths, making one of the paths 100% transparent.

Big +1! It’ll help with drawing metro maps

support this to 100%. Would be a really helpful feature to have independently set stroke widths and positions of stroke layers.