Multiple Drags to change carousel pages

Hello everyone, I came across an issue today.

Imagine there’s a carousel with 3 Pages(red, blue,green). Instead of clicking on the little navigation buttons at the bottom, I wish to be able to drag on the buttons themselves, going from Page 1 to Page 2 or Page 1 to Page 3.

So the action would be, I hold the mouse click on Page 1, move the mouse to Page 2 keeping the mouse pressed(this should switch carousel to Page 2), then move the mouse to Page 3(Mouse still pressed) which would switch Carousel to Page 3.

Having 2 Drag animations going from 1->2 and 1->3 doesnt work as Figma overrides them. How would I be able to solve such a problem?

I’d appreciate inputs, if someone has come across this sort of requirement :slight_smile:
Cheers and thank you!